Frank Dammers

Fine Art

The art of Frank Dammers could be classified as geometric-abstract in nature, it should be noted that he has developed a singular approach to the genre. His compositions are developed intuitively, while at the same time making use of his mathematical knowledge and his ability constructively, both in the literal as in the figurative sense.

Tommy Montanez

Tommy Montanez was born and raised in New York City. As an accomplished artist, he worked in the graphic art field for over 30 years. His focus and dedication as an artist in the fields of Arts and Graphic Design includes such accomplishments as Graphic Artist/Illustrator for the Liberty Island Game in 1984, a board game that was sold throughout the country. 



Sculpture: Fallen Heroes
From the collection of United States Postal Stamp figurine Sculpture’s
Size: 25” x 30”