Frank Dammers

Fine Art

The art of Frank Dammers could be classified as geometric-abstract in nature, it should be noted that he has developed a singular approach to the genre. His compositions are developed intuitively, while at the same time making use of his mathematical knowledge and his ability constructively, both in the literal as in the figurative sense.

Ruben carrasco

Ruben Carrasco was born and raised in Mexico; he was exposed to art from an early age through his mother, who has a keen interest in art. His formal art training began in Mexico when he joined the Visual Arts Institute. He has since furthered his studies at the Anahuac University in Cancun, Mexico, and later at McGill University and Dawson College in Montreal, Canada. In addition, in the course of his professional experience he has also worked as a tattoo artist, set designer, muralist, photographer, graphic designer and digital artist, all of which have contributed to his two series, which share similarities in concept and approach while multifaceted in terms of technique and style.

Schilderij Ruben 1.jpg

Painting: Wasp
Acrylics on canvas, 52" x 72"

Muurschilderij Ruben.jpg

Mural: Las Flores